Thursday, August 2, 2012

IPA DAY & The LC goes kinda awesome

To begin, Happy IPA Day!
Internationally recognized, this day is designated as the occassion to tip back orange elixir with the oils of those resinous earth cones we love so dear.  Thanks to the mass proliferation of the style which the British made famous (for worse, I assure you - heres to trading all the beer in the world for an end to imperialism), you can enjoy an IPA from just about any brewery on the planet.
If you get a chance to share an IPA today, lets have a toast to end occupation.  Lets have a bottom's up to reclamation and cheers to better times for all.
Yeasty Boys (New Zealand): Digital IPA

The Manitoba Liquor Control Commission
Manitoban's are regulated in their beer consumption.  If you like beer, the MLCC is the mandated arm of the government which enforces what beer supply hits the shelves.  For this reason, it uses its power to disseminate particular influences over the market.  Without knowing the amount required to be sold by headquarters, I would estimate that 90% of the beer sold by the LC is produced by BudMillCoors.  The MLCC therefore can be accused of promoting brands which don't necessarily reflect the demand of beer drinkers.
Here's the tricky part.
Upon entering the LC on Ellice ave. this afternoon hoping to get my IPA on, I stumbled across 5, count em, 5 fantastically new brews that were too good to hesitate over.  If you live in the states and you read 5 as rather pathetic, this demonstrates my point above.  However, for the MLCC, 5 new beers from several different countries, and also some of the best in the world of their style, is no small feat for this regulatory arm of the steady-goes-the-course Canadian government (albeit an outdated perspective of today's conservative Canada).  In my mind, someone is doing a service to beer drinkers by allowing us to have these brand spankin new brews.  Yet, the position goes two ways, I have seen great beers come and go to never return.  With this introduction, and in keeping with the mentality that even if no-one walks out with 50 cases of Bud Light (which I have never seen leave any LC to date) or the frickin fantastic Duchesse De Bourgogne, these beers will still be provided. Who are they serving by introducing good beer? Are they trying to promote buying from them versus driving to the states for better?  Are they benevolent and hoping to gain the support of those who have ragged on them since legal drinking age?  Are they trying to promote an aficionado class of consumers?  Despite these questions, in the here and now, I have beer that I would only get abroad, and for that I am thankful.  Now, go buy some Duchesse!

Lost Coast (Eureka, CA): Indica IPA, Cervesas La Gardenia (Alcover, Espana): Blonde Ale, Brasserie de Rochefort (Rochefort, Belgium): Quadruple, Brouwerij Van Honsebrouck (Ingelmunster, Belgium): Quadruple.

Closing notes, on further inspection Rosita of Spain is an export bottle with an importers name and Shaw email address on the back! Premier Consulting...sounds nefarious.   


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